Thursday, March 19, 2009

Great Eggspectations

Gather round, bring a blanket, I am going to tell you about my week so far, and what a week it has been...

This will be interesting (I am not saying that like the guy who says, 'this is going to be funny' right before telling a really bad joke) I am merely saying that life has been wild lately, and when I sit down to blog I have no idea how that is going to translate. So it's more of a, here goes nothing...

Since last week we have been running in the 'Lawyer Marathon'. Truly an intense interchange between our lawyer (who basically writes the contract adding our specifics) and us; us and R.;

R. and her lawyer (who we scrambled and found Monday after poor R's backed out Sat, knowing that we had to be done wed!!!!!!! thanks God!!!) our lawyer and R's (put up yer dukes) and all finally culminating in a lot of initialling and signing and relief that this part is over.

Let's just say that running a marathon is hell (btdt have the bad knees to prove it) and introducing lawyers into the marathon of IF is even more horrendous. It is not 'Lawyers' fault (I actually loved both of ours and am so grateful they spent the better part of their lives over the last week getting this done in time to cycle...) it is just that the reality of talking about the possible worst case scenarios/risks and horrible possibilities (I got a whole bunch more now to add to the ones I already have experienced or feared!!) is not the stuff you want to be thinking about as you head into such a wonderful, exciting new horizon!!!!!

All in all, R and I were soldiers and despite a few bombs that landed a little close for comfort at times, I think we banded together and did Team Baby proud.

We signed our baby contract on March 18Th.

Lawyer, and the guy from the IT firm next door who she got to be my witness, were both Chinese. They were so thrilled that we were signing on that day. They explained to me, very excitedly, that the number was one of the most fortunate numbers in the Chinese New Year.

One symbolises a fortune that is definitely coming, and eight symbolises Life. Their excitement and story really touched me, especially as he explained it to me having no idea what kind of contract he was witnessing me sign and she watched on with a huge smile.

March 18 was also R's CD2 and our baseline visit to the clinic. And they're off!!!!!!

This was R's introduction into the early morning trek, (we are still drinking coffee thank goodness, that is going to be done soon and I will give it up with her out of sympathy) to the clinic, the sign in, wait, bloods, wait, u/s, wait, doc apt, gals know the drill.

She also started her estrace ( I have a picture of the first dose from the food court in the Eaton's Centre, now that is surreal...)

My doctor is slowly becoming my newest hero in a long line of heroes. Check this out.

After the green light we finish our first visit with the always fun "time to pay" routine. After a quick talk they hand me the breakdown of my payment for the cycle and it is double what the price sheet that they gave me at the consult 4 weeks earlier!!!!! Double.

sound of crickets.

Gulp, OK, "Do you think I could talk to someone about this???" comes out, instead of what would have come out in the past at all the other times I got hit with something I didn't understand, for fear that they would not like me and therefore not try really hard to help me. How foolish I have been.

Two minutes later Dr. L comes in and three minutes later he is saying,

"Don't worry, we'll honour the original price, I just want you to have a baby."
I love you Dr. L. THANK YOU.

After that is was some fun. Bra shopping to be exact. Her beautiful bountiful girls and my little buds. One (brassiere) looked like the real deal and mine, well, do you remember training bras? Yeah, well, I never graduated...

This post doesn't do justice to the highs and bumps and twists and turns in my week, but suffice it to say, this one won't be forgotten.

Tomorrow is the first day of spring. Natures mating season. We are mating I suppose, but just in a slightly unconventional sense and I have never been more hopeful.

Here is a picture of the sign that caught both our eyes and made us giggle, as we headed home that day. Great Eggspectations.

As for my other hero G., well he was feeling a little out of the loop. (anyone who is
working an average of 80hours a week might feel this, but esp. as all this big stuff is happening) That is, untill today when he got to sign the contract too. If I knew where the heart symbol was on my keyboard I would insert here. I heart him.

Most importantly,
To all those out there reading this, please pause right now and say a quiet or loud prayer for: Duck, Mr Duck, Suro and her family, P, Niki,and Mr. Niki, K and her family and all their little ones. We are thinking of you all right now.
Peace ladies.


  1. Just want to say thanks for everything the past couple of days (or weeks). Oh and by the way thanks for mentioning my "Bountiful girls" lol. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here (I pray)

  2. I wish you both all the best on this cycle!!

  3. WIshing you guys the very best. Awesome that the paperwork is out of the way, and even more awesome that the signing happened on an auspicious day!

    Good luck guys!!

  4. That is awesome what your doctor said! I hope this is the magic cycle.

    About our dog--we're going to get him little steps or a ramp this weekend so he can move onto the couch more easily. It's so hard to see them be "elderly." Thanks for the comment and love!

  5. Great news! It sounds so exciting. To be honest, I did a lot of work with this kind of law in law school, in relation to civil rights and relationships and marital law, and the surrogate relationship is one of the most confusing and the law in the area is kind of scary, so it must have been a seriously emotional week for you guys! I am glad you are through it and I can't wait to hear your BFP! By the way, fab doctor! He sounds great!

    And thanks for the comments about the pups! I love the pic of your puppy on your blog (and I absolutely LOVE pit bulls). I think the story of how you and your DH met is so darn cute! I think it would make a great storyline for a novel:-) Oh, and about the bra shopping...I've always had little ones and then I gained some weight and got pregnant, and lost the baby, etc...but they are now 34C's!!! Can you believe it? they are staying that way!!! To be honest, they are annoying. I think I want my A's back, but DH is in heaven.

  6. Sadly I can most DEFINITELY relate to the training bras :)
    I am so happy that you got all the yucky paperwork done and are moving on to the good stuff! What good omens with the lucky Chinese numbers and the great eggspectations sign (and the RE actually honoring their original cost estimate - yet another good sign!).
    Happy cycling!!

  7. Dr. L is a really decent guy...hard working (what other doctor would you personally see each and every day of your cycle??) and reasonable. We tried doing a NIVF with him and we went into retrieval and he was not able to get the egg (nothing in the follicular fluid) and he refunded us the whole fee and charged us instead for a sperm wash and room fee. That was pretty decent of him in my books. Also, Ruth (head nurse) is a wonderful person if you see her buzzing around the hallway. I'm glad you got everything legally signed and out of the way so it really is onward and upwards from here. GL and keep the updates coming as you get closer!!

  8. I am so glad you got your original pricing and contracts signed. You are on your way now. Let's hope for smooth sailing from here on out.

  9. Soooo many good signs! I love the story about 18. Your story reminds me that I need to post how all my stuff came together. We have a Great Eggspectations here - yum. You & R certainly need to check it out on an appt morning! GL!!!!!

  10. What an emotional hurdle to overcome!! I am so glad everything is signed and you are on your way to getting started with the cycle that will put a baby in your arms.

    I can very much relate to the training bra thing. Most places don't even carry 32A's......... LOL.

    Good luck!!!

  11. Wow, what a rollercoaster ride, but hopefully things will settle down now that you're in the home stretch.

    Your comment on my blog "my bun, her oven" made me smile. You're such a trooper about this entire lawyer ordeal, and the crazy invoice. Thank goodness your doc honored the original $ amount.

    Amazing how many good people it takes to make a baby with IVF.

    I'm triggering tonight, not sure when R's will be, but I'm sending you both great thoughts, and yes, I defnitely have your back and R's!! ;-)

  12. i'm so glad you are on the road traveling towards baby. good luck!

  13. Yea!! You have had a good week! Things are getting done and y'all are on your way to baby!! I am just so happy for you, and you seem so fotunate to have found such a wonderful surrogate with R!!!

    Your Dr sounds fabulous - it has to be so nice to feel like he is there to do everything to make sure you get your baby as opposed to most Docs who are way too concerned about the money!!

    Good luch and I can't wait to hear all the updates. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  14. Your Doctor sounds wonderful! I am so happy that all the financial deets worked out. Wishing you all the best with this cycle. I am so excited to follow you along during your journey. I love that sign by the way...PERFECT TIMING!

  15. Hey - I know your transfer (to R) is going to be soon so I wanted to pop by and wish you all the good luck in the world. HUGS!