Thursday, March 5, 2009

Three Butterflies

Hey Sisters!!!!!

Just a wee post to accept my, ahem, (I'm getting vahklempt -aka mike meyers) "Sisterhood Award"!!!

"First off, I'd like to thank my parents..."
Uh, oh, wrong acceptance speech.

First, I will thank Nikki (whose uteral lining I will be visualizing and encourage you all to do the same till monday) for the honour-I have never been officially part of a sisterhood (someone who used to not trust women) so it is an honour to be part of this sisterhood. Although it is definitely not the club you want to be in, but if I'm in it, I'm glad you guys are here with me.

That means at all stages of the Sisterhood- some throwing up the white flag, some just starting down the road, some mid cycle and worried, others mid cycle and excited. Even those who are cautiously happy with fresh news of a bfp, or those who just found out they will be having a little girl...
I don't think it is a fellowship you ever leave, babies and all.

In the news:

Met our lawyer yesterday-we'll call her... Lawyer. She's cool. I found myself trying to talk her down in price if I referred her to people I meet??!! What's up with me?? I guess the financial reality of this process has brought out my inner-barter-er. Doesn't hurt to ask?!

Also, got the green light on all our tests from the clinic. Tick another box please.

And our three little embryos were safely transferred today by Cryo-Labs, not Fed-Ex (we just couldn't bear that...) to their new, very temporary home. Our old clinic actually, get this ladies, paid for the shipping??!! Hey, may be a mere $200 but, dang, I'll take that...

Lastly, please perruse (sp?) my new lovely pic on the side board.

It is of R & Me today. For Anonymities sake, I am disguised as a pig and she is, very appropriately, a rabbit.

We went to the farmers market in the town she lives in. We bought organic chicken, fresh spinach, omega fatty acids ( for her) and two, teeny-weeny little baby for her to keep and the other for me. I thought one was plain and the other covered in butterflies, but when I opened it up to take mine home, the other was indeed not plain.

It had three little butterflies on the front.

Hmmmm-three embryos, three butterflies... In any case, it now is neatly folded in the box that a friend of mine gave me that sits on my dresser. The inside of the box says, "When your head starts to worry and your mind just can't rest, put your thoughts down on paper and let God do the rest..." Ok, I am down with that.
Well, not down on paper, but a teeny-tiny-onesie with three little butterflies on it, says it all.

Ok, now to pass on the award to some of my deserving sisters...

In no particular order...The Nominees are:

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PS. I have no idea how to make these actual links like you smarty pants do...


  1. So glad that all went well with the lawyer - I can't believe you were trying to negotiate price! Smart one :). Glad that embies are safe and sound and hoping that you do the transfer soon! take care

  2. Loved the post...yeah embies made the safe journey. Am excited about the next journey they are about to take (soon). Love the picture. Thanks for the reward. I also love the line..."talked to the lawyer we'll call" Rotflmao. Had a great day.

  3. What the hell is Rotflmao?
    I am so not cool.

  4. Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off

  5. Momsoon - you and R are beautiful! :-) Even with your doggy nose and her rabbit one!

    You can link blogs (or any words / phrase) while you're in edit mode. You select the word/phrase, and click on the chain link type of icon from the list right above the box where you type. It will open up another little box, and you paste the URL that you want to link to that word / phrase there.

    Oh and great news with the lawyer! Yay on the onesies with the 3 butterflies! Yay on your old clinic paying to ship them! Yay on getting all ready for the next big cycle!

    And thanks for thinking of my lining! Hugs to you!

  6. I love the symbolism of the 3 butterflies!
    Thanks for the award! :)

  7. hey! i just wanted to pop in and thank you for checking in on me! it's really appreciated!!!

    Good Luck!!!

  8. It's amazing how everything just seems to line right up for you in this process.
    Can't wait to read more!

  9. thanks for the shout out! it is a great sisterhood out there.

    i think the three butterflies are a lovely and auspicious sign. good luck!

  10. awwwwwwwwww. that was the cutest post! I love the onsie. So did you get the discount from Lawyer? hee hee.

  11. I love the three butterflies! So cute! and the the pig nose, too :)