Friday, February 27, 2009

Totally Random

Alright- I am officially a geek.

After ignoring tags on FB, emails etc., I now find myself excited to be tagged by Fashionista and Kayjay!?? Actually excited.

I guess it's a little like getting picked for the team in grade school.

So, here goes, 10 totally random, totally useless, totally-amped-up-on coffee things about me:

  1. Before meeting G., I never dreamed about babies, or being a mom. Since G., it has been all I truly desire on the planet.

2. Once, when a couple of other gals and I went to a Greek island after a job in Italy, we rented a scooter for the week. Because it was Greece, they barely asked us for our name at the rental place. At the end of the week, I had damaged it pretty badly, (running into things will do that) so instead of returning it, we drove it off a cliff and never looked back. I will never go to Santorini again.

3. Sometimes my lunch of choice is a box- yes the entire box ladies, of Wheat Thins.

4. I detest folding and ironing laundry. To do it, is like pulling teeth.

5. My friend Nancy and I used to skip high school and hitch-hike to see my punk rock boyfriend who lived half an hour away. We would load a knap-sack with a box (so fancy) of wine and proceed to jump in the various vehicles of total strangers. We thought we were cool-now I think we were stupid and lucky.

6. Since my BFN last month I have rebelled: reckless amounts of caffeine; wildly quitting the prescription prenatal vitamins that I have taken religiously for years; at first I not only gave up prayer/meditation but actually cursed god for his cruelty (this only lasted a couple of days) and have stayed up till all hours of the night, only to feel like crap the next day. Sometimes, when you feel as though trying hard has gotten you nowhere, a little revolt feels good.

7. The smell of olives and blue cheese makes me gag and therefore I have never tried either.

8. I have been tremendously helped in my life by people sharing their struggles and triumphs. I am a sober alcoholic who entered into recovery 14 years ago and spend a lot of my time trying to pass along what I have learned and giving talks about my life, in the hopes that I will help others do the same. I want to start such a support group for people struggling with infertility.

9. I sometimes look at girls in their twenties and think, "I bet she'd get pregnant in a heartbeat", followed by a wave of jealousy and self loathing.

10. I believe that this will all be behind me someday. That I will be dropping our child(ren) off at school and that the longing that is constantly with me today will be a distant memory although, will have changed me forever.

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I look forward to knowing random things about you all!!!


  1. Okay so I've been waiting all day for this post (lol) I just got home from grocery shopping and was excited to see what juicy dirt I would read on you and... I already knew most of it (sigh). Was nice to read tho. Also was nice to finally read one of your posts and not cry.

  2. Oh, I totally do #9 and hate myself for it. Bitterness is so ugly. Oh well...Loved reading your honest bits- it makes my blog friends so much more real! (and I too avoid these things like the plague on facebook, etc, but was happy to be tagged:-))

  3. #2 - cracked me up!!

    #6 - my favourite! My revolt goes on full blown with all the gluten, dairy and sugar I can eat. Then, to top off my revolt, I then have a swan song kind of week where I eat everything I could possibly want while on my IF diet one last time. I too have had similar conversations with God and lapse back into asking him "why?" many times.

    You sharing and caring has really helped me and I think your idea of a support group is a great one. There aren't enough of those around in T.O. for IF and it is something that is really needed.

  4. This was fun to read, I always like learning about my fellow IFers.
    I think we all look at others and feel total jealousy of their seeming ease at conceiving. It's totally natural, and while I wish I didn't feel it, I don't exactly beat myself up for it either. I mean, come on! We're only human.

    That scooter story was hilarious! My husband has a vintage Vespa in the garage. If I read him your story, he will undoubtedly cringe. :)

  5. LMAO #2! I detest ironing as well and boy, do I love me some Wheat Thins! :) 14 years sober is an amazing accomplishment - you are a strong woman. #10- I feel the same way. Thanks for the tag!

  6. Wow! You are such an adventurous woman... you made me want to go throw the prenatals out the window and go terrorize the neighborhood! Letting loose is so good for the soul... thank you for sharing (and for thinking of me for an "honest scrap" too!)

  7. Your Santori adventure is awesome! I have to give you major props!! To be honest with you I usually avoid this things as well. I am not good at them and generally don't admit everything. I think #8 is truly a remarkable accomplishment. I now know who I can turn too if I ever need help. Though my bout of colitis seems to have been my saving grace ;) Your #10 gives me hope! Thank you! I can't wait to follow your journey...with R. You should also check out They are looking for moderators and some assistance. New website!!! The women are fabulous! I am sure you can help so many people. You already have helped me :)

  8. Ok, your scooter adventure has me LOL!!! :-) Thanks for sharing, I agree with the other gals, it is nice to learn more about our blog-friends. And, thanks for the tag!

  9. Thanks I will have to do this! Don't be jealous of those girls in their 20's I just turned 30 (and look like I'm mid 20's) and i'm uber infertile! So no more cursin' the kids.

    Looking forward to following along on your journey - such exciting times isn't it!

  10. Your scooter incident is hilarious! Wow!! :-)

    BTW - I nominated you for an award. Details are on my blog.