Monday, February 23, 2009

"Team Baby's" Teaser

Just sat down for the first time to get caught up on you guys and let you know the progress here with "Team Baby" on "Operation Happiness", when DH called to say he left his wallet, so this will have to be a teaser...
I will say this though, Friday's appiontment with the new RE was amazing.
Dr L. (think of Garfield in a lab coat) was amazing.
R. is amazing,
and despite everything, I have a renewed sense of hope.

Details to follow...Peace y'all


  1. Okay - I was pretty sure I knew which clinic you are going to but now that you described Dr. L as "Garfield in a lab coat" I definitely know which clinic you're at!! I think you're in good hands and if you want the inside scoop from someone who has been to that clinic let me know! I cycled there for my last 3 cycles in Canada.

  2. P.S. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable with my comment - just wanted you to know that if you wanted to pick my brain about what it is like to cycle there you're more than welcome to ask me any questions.

  3. That's awesome that your appointment went well, and you've got a great team going - the doc as well as R.

    Can't wait to hear the details!

  4. That's great that your appointment went so well! Can't wait to hear the details...

  5. Ooh, I'm dying to know the details!

  6. So glad you have a new sense hope!!
    It will also be great to follow along your journey!! I know we are so excited to help the ducks. It is the best feeling in the world to know you are helping bring a life into the world to people who really deserve it.

  7. Can't believe I missed this!!! I am still learning the blogworld and how to keep up. I am so glad you had a fab appointment!!! Sounds sooo promising. I wanted to let you know I am officially tagging you for the Honest Scrap Award. Check out my blog and have fun!